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Welcome to Operation Depletion: All Public Schools Left Behind

Dear Friends & Visitors:

We are in a serious crisis across America and that is today's public school system. If you are someone of the Judeo-Christian faith or even if you're not but just someone concerned about the generations following us, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to realize that it's dangerous to put your children in today's public schools in many areas of the country. In the case of Chicago, it isn't just the staggering number of shootings that regularly makes the news. It's the staggering amount of sexual abuse in the city's public schools (the third largest in the nation). Don't believe it? Read the Chicago Tribune's report here or the Chicago Sun-Times report here (with a link to the full report at the end of the article). You may have to subscribe to read, though if you don't want to, quickly capture and copy and paste the page into a Word doc or Open Office doc before the subscribe page appears.

It may be easy to say, "well, this is a major urban city prone to crime and my children are in a suburban or rural public school". In the past, you could perhaps make that claim and get off scot free. However, it's hard to stick with that when the possibility exists that your child might just find someone of the opposite sex in their bathroom, locker room or school shower. It doesn't matter that President Trump has largely reversed the Obama era order. The problem is you have districts (like in California) that regularly challenge the federal government (like on immigration) and see no problem with it. Public approval of homosexuality is already taught in California's public schools without impunity so it's really no stretch to believe this is going on in the state's system as well as other states, especially on the West & East Coasts.

There are plenty of other reasons to remove today's children out of the public school system which we will discuss and post in the coming days and weeks but would you not agree that in and by itself, our children have no business in a school system with teacher/student sex, homosexuality and facility use by those who think they are someone outside their birth gender? Don't you agree we can do better and not only can do better but should do better, much better?

There are many groups out there, including ministers and conservative websites, who sincerely believe we must keep Christian students in the public school system as light and salt to non-Christian ones as well as teachers. That may have been a compelling argument 40 years ago. But in a tide of ever rising godlessness in public schools and a growing inability of Christian kids to be able to freely share and practice their faith, not to mention that many of them are walking away from the faith, the argument is a failing one today. As an example, my friends at Mass Resistance have been tirelessly working to keep Gay/Straight Alliances and other homosexual and transsexual groups out of the public schools and have had some sizable measures of success. However, with total due respect to groups like MR (and believe me, I have a ton of it for Brian and the staff there), this is essentially an effort (a Herculean one at that) to put bandages in areas where surgery is needed. The surgery needed is cut the students out of the failing system, not to keep them in it.

If you're still not persuaded of the need to leave the public school system behind, this piece may do the trick.

We are keenly aware of the fact that there is unrelated content below and a few technical issues and we will be rectifying all of this and getting the site fully operational hopefully by the end of August. Meanwhile, we are giving those of you who are seeing this page a sneak preview as to what is to come. We are excited about our mission and pray you are too and that you will share this site with as many folks as possible, particularly those who have children in public schools. It's past time to close the book (pardon the pun somewhat) on the public schools and deplete the public school system by putting our children in private and Christian schools as well as home schooling. Our posterity depends on it. We can do no less.

The Lord richly bless you.

The OD Administrator

    Click here to access the resources you will need to work with us and to read a message from the OD Administrator specifically meant for church officials directly connected to Christian schools, those seeking to launch one or those who want to assume a role in helping families in their churches placing their kids in a Christian or home school.
    Click here to access the resources you will need to work with us and to read a message from the OD Administrator specifically meant for non-public school administrators and other officials who seek to work with us, accommodate more potential students and promote their school with us. Officials looking to start such schools should also read our message.
    Click here to access the resources you will need to work with us and to read a message from the OD Administrator specifically meant for parents (and students as applicable) who seek to place their children in a non-public school and who may be looking to locate such schools and/or seek financial assistance to do so. Those interested in home schooling should also check out this page.

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